About Us

We are dedicated to preserving the heritage, culture and open space in the Springbrook Arroyo Watershed communities of Riverside, Colton, Highgrove and Grand Terrace.  

Much of this fascinating and diverse group of old neighborhoods has already been lost to Industrial and other inappropriate urban development, but so much remains that could become jewels in the crown of our Springbrook Heritage Parklands & Walking Trails plan.   

These assets include the famous Trujillo Adobe, former Riverside Golf Course (now the  most popular CIF Championship Cross Country Course in California), Ab Brown Sports Complex, Reid Park, La Loma Hills, Pellissier Ranch, 19th-century working-class homes and rural-residential properties, undeveloped sites in the Santa Ana River flood plain including former dairy-lands, a link to the Old Spanish Trail, and the arroyo itself...  

Our Parklands & Walking Trails plan would not only protect all these places, but connect them to one another so they can be enjoyed by the people who live, work and visit Riverside's Northside and Colton's La Loma Hills neighborhoods.